System Engineer


Location – Mandaluyong

Morning Shift 


  • Must have experience in programming
  • Must be flexible enough to work in changing environments
  • Knows how to deploy and manage containers
  • Knows how to deploy and manage virtual environments
  • Must be comfortable working in both on-prem datacenters and public cloud
  • Must be experienced in securing application deployments
  • Must be comfortable using wire-level tools to debug or reverese-engineer networked application
  • Must be experienced in using collaboration tools like code repositories, issues trackers, knowledge boards
  • Flexible enough to learn new tools and technologies to deliver requirements
  • Must be a self-starter and should need minimal supervision



  • Troubleshoot production issues
  • Level 2 Support for a large scale, distributed application deployment
    creation and maintenance of scripts that will automate system checks
  • Investigate Level 1 escalation which encompasses network availability, hardware health, configuration correctness, storage maintenance, processes performance
  • Handle operational change requests
  • In-house support for tech teams
  • Enable CI/CD pipelines
  • Orchestrate clustered software deployment

Our tools and technologies:

linux, bash, python, java, ci/cd, jenkins, git, aws, oracle cloud, tcpdump, wireshark, terraform, ansible


Interested candidates may send their resumes to 
or Call us at (02) 571-8052