Data Engineer


Location – Pasig

Night Shift


Major Responsibilities

● Solve next-generation big data problems leveraging modern and open source tools and frameworks in combination with tried and true best-in-class technologies.

● Develop, construct, test and maintain architectures such as databases and large-scale data processing systems for data scientists to discover new patterns, insights

   and perform proactive and predictive analytics.

● Work in collaboration with other members to research, design, prototype, test, maintain and document big data systems, and work closely with data scientists to

   utilize the data to perform predictive analytics for automated, near real-time decision making on data and problems.

● Will handle massive datasets, which includes determining what data management systems are appropriate, working with data scientists to determine which data

   are needed for analysis, performing data integration and cleansing, and optimizing database performance for both data intake and application queries.

● Ultimate goal is to provide and maintain clean, usable data to data scientists for exploratory analysis, predictive modeling, and rapid prototyping.

● Will work with software engineers as well as data scientists to transition data infrastructure and analytical algorithms into an operational and performant service

   analytics system.

● Provides analytical Support for Finance and Marketing team as the SME for Sales modeling, reporting and analysis to support strategic initiatives.

● Create data architectures for databases and data warehouses (i.e., designing and specifying the overall database/data warehouse structure based on functional and

   technical requirements)

● Develop logical and physical data models

● Develop strategies for data acquisition, archive recovery, and database implementation

● Manage data migrations/conversions and troubleshooting data processing issue


Qualifications/Skills Required

● Ability to quickly pick up and learn new technologies and do highly technical work in the back end of an application stack. Excellent verbal and written

   communication skills

● Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related discipline and 2 to 3 years of professional experience

● Programming experience in Python and/or Java building software

● Prior work demonstrates experience in one or more of the following areas: Database architectures, SQL-based technologies, NoSQL technologies, Data modeling,

   Physical database design and performance tuning, Database application engineering and maintenance. Programming experience in Python and/or Java

● Good working knowledge of various operating systems, containerization, and cloud

● Ability to collaborate on an interdisciplinary team to solve problems in a fast-paced continuous development and deployment environment

● Self-starter with a positive attitude, intellectual curiosity and a passion for data management and solving real-world problems

● Experience with enterprise class database warehouse technologies

● Experience in working with data scientists on integrating, processing and analyzing data (structured and unstructured)

● Experience in predictive modeling, natural language processing, text analysis, machine learning, and data mining

● Extensive experience and a strong interest in open source technology stacks

● Demonstrable skills in creative problem solving of complex and advanced technical subject matte

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