Exactly seventeen months after COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, most of us have already adopted the New Normal.  A survey conducted by SEEK Asia, Boston Consulting Group and The Network said that 50% of Filipinos now prefer to work from home and 89% of the global workforce feels the same. From working remotely to completely changing careers, transitions were made. 

Technology is changing the way companies do business today. IT is a growing industry in the Philippines, this results in people leaving their jobs and starting to study Information Technology courses to eventually seek an opportunity in this Digital Age.  If you are thinking of a career change or about to learn a new skill, here is a list of in-demand roles this 2021 according to a LinkedIn survey in Southeast Asia.  

Top 3 In-Demand Roles in the Philippines this 2021 

Data Analyst 

Titles: Data Analyst, Business Development Analyst, Business Analyst 

Valuable Work Experiences: Data Analysis, SQL, Analytical Skills, Visualization Analysis 

Software and Technology 

Titles: Full Stock Developer, Web and Mobile Developer, Software Engineering Manager, Database Administrator 

Valuable Work Experiences: SQL, Java, DevOps, JavaScript, Python, Apache, Cloud 

Digital Marketing Specialist 

Titles: Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager 

Valuable Work Experiences: SEO, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analysis 


An article from Pew Research Center claims that everything will be more Tech-driven by 2025. Consumers have gone digital and new business trends have sprouted. People are adopting and educating themselves. IT roles are paid handsomely and so is the rise of enrollees and career changers. Over half of the tech-savvy Filipinos are now considering switching careers with financial stability as the main driver.  

This pandemic reminded us that nothing is constant and how we must equip ourselves with knowledge and skills to adopt. Let us be your bridge this new normal.