Our Guide to Post-Pandemic Work Setups

Work from home? Work in the office? Or both? Which should you go for when attracting candidates? 

We ran a quick survey on LinkedIn where 68% of our respondents answered that they prefer working from home. 12% voted for work in the office, while 20% are fine with either. 

Globally, the present times have forced many companies to adapt to flexible working conditions which is already an essential factor to candidates looking for long-term jobs. Since post-pandemic working setups are now considered when choosing the right company, how are you adapting? 

We are not surprised that working from home came on top of the most preferred work setup. Most Filipinos, specifically the working population, are still not confident in exposing themselves outdoors and to other people on a regular basis given that our vaccination rollout is far behind other countries. Some prefer working in the office since not everyone has the luxury of having a good WFH setup and others find themselves more productive in the office when away from home errands.

There is no stopping in redesigning the workplace and our take on which setup should you be applying is: It depends, but put your people on top of your priority list. Weigh in on the most crucial factors in your nature of work. Does the scope of work need in-office equipment, or can that equipment be taken home? Does the team require face-to-face collaborations, or can it happen online? Can you provide assistance to those living in cities with high cases if you require them to report to the office? Can you provide financial allowance to those setting up internet connections at home? Aside from these crucial factors, your decisions should also adhere to your company culture. If you set out there that you are a People-First company, but you require every employee to come to work daily despite the unsafe commuting and public situation, you will suffer the loss of good, loyal employees.

We know that businesses are badly hurt by the pandemic as much as individuals are, but if your business is still thriving during these tough times, make a good effort to extend consideration to your people. Your employees are your most valuable resource, so give them a chance to choose what works for them if those choices do not impact your company negatively or communicate your needs well where compromise can be made.

Let us help you navigate through these post-pandemic work setups.